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Amazing Facts about Mr Macaroni (ooin)

Amazing Facts about Mr Macaroni (ooin)

Nigeria popular Instagram Celebrity and Online Sensation “Mr. Macaroni” who Goes by the name Debo Adebayo who is also a Script Writer, Actor, and a Producer. Ever Before Mr. Macaroni thought of being a comedian, he had so much passion for Acting as he as featured in several stage plays and he once said “Stage o, u […]

Mohbad – Over.hype

Mohbad – Over.hype

Mohbad is a sensational Nigerian artiste born in Lagos State, Nigeria He Drops The Reading Song Of The Moment 💥💥💥 Tittled “Overhype” Click Here To Download The Music. 

GOD by Sizza

GOD by Sizza

SIZZA is One of The Nigeria Fast Rising Artist with Good Vocal & He is Also a Performing Artist with Good Vibe, SIZZA Now Out with This Inspiration Hot Single Called “GOD” where he explain how God save His Life from this Vital Accident in the Month Of MAY on His way coming back from […]

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  1. What are Savings and Investment? This article will let us know the top 23 savings and investment platforms in Nigeria to engage ourselves. Though we often mistake Savings with Investment, in the real sense both words are somewhat different. However, the two are what we should all take part in for maRead more

    What are Savings and Investment?

    This article will let us know the top 23 savings and investment platforms in Nigeria to engage ourselves. Though we often mistake Savings with Investment, in the real sense both words are somewhat different. However, the two are what we should all take part in for maximum independence.

    One of the reasons I say the two are different is because Savings is always in the short term on the other hand Investment is mostly in the long term.

    What is Savings

    Savings is any Money set aside to meet future occurrences. Savings set aside can be daily, weekly, or monthly as convenient by the saver. Saver can also make more money for saving which can come in the form of interest. in other words, some companies give an extra token for saving with them.

    For instance, if you need to pay house rent by the end of the year, you can start saving from the beginning of the year. All you have to do is calculate the amount you would be paying at the end of the year then divide it by either daily, weekly, or monthly and before you know, your house rent will be easy to pay.

    However, Investment is putting away some money solely to make a profit. This kind of Money can be put to use on stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, gold, and digital currencies known as cryptocurrencies. It is a long term saving that you might not be able to withdraw at any time except some stipulated time which makes it an investment.

    1. Afrinvest

    Afrinvest is a leading independent investment banking firm that focuses on West Africa and active in four principal areas which are; Investment Banking, Securities Trading, Asset Management, and Investment Research.
    Afrinvest is both a leading provider of research content on the Nigerian market likewise a leading adviser to blue-chip companies across West Africa.

    They provide financial advisory services as well as innovative capital raising solutions to High Net-worth Individuals (“HNIs”), corporations, and governments. In addition, the organization is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
    Afrinvest Asset Management Limited (“AAML”) is licensed by the Nigerian SEC as a portfolio manager. AAML delivers world-class asset management services to a range of mass affluent and HNI clients.

    Afrinvest also has lots of investment one can engage such as;

    • Afrinvest Dollar Fund

    The Afrinvest Dollar Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that will be invested in Dollar-denominated Securities registered in Nigeria. Moreover, before you can take part in this investment, you have to convert your money to USD cause you’re investing in USD. Returns come in 6 months intervals and you can earn within 6  -7.5% per annum. The fund manager will help you manage your fund in other to make a profit.

    • Treasury BillsTreasury

      Bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the Federal Government of any country through its Central Bank to raise short-term funds from the general public to finance government budget deficit. They use a discount rate to give a return on investment. What makes this interesting is the fact that you can get your agreed interest rate from the first day you invested. The investor can cash out interest first meanwhile, they will wait for 3 months to cash out the initial capital.
    • Federal Government of Nigeria Savings Bond

    The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Savings Bond is a bond being issued by the Debt Management Office on behalf of the FGN. The bond issuance is part of the Federal Government’s program to encourage small savers and it helps them earn more interest when compared to their savings accounts with banks. The minimum you can save is as little as 5,000 naira, and the interest would be paid at the end of 3 months. Do not get it twisted there a still lot on investment opportunity aside those listed above. Log in to know more.

    Afrivest Interest rate; 4 – 9+%

    2. Alat by Wema

    Here come another online savings and investment platform in Nigeria to talk about. Firstly, Alat by Wema is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank, designed to match your lifestyle and helps save more.

    Built from scratch to be entirely digital, making all banking services available to you anywhere you can access the internet.  It is easy to use and stress-free. All you need to do is Open an ALAT account from your phone with your BVN and phone number, and you are good to go. No paperwork required.

    Why you should use Alat by Wema

    Save Easily
    Take the pressure off with a simple automated savings plan and earn a 10% annual interest – three times the standard bank rate.

    Request Instant
    Get a short-term loan whenever you’re in a pinch, few questions asked.

    Free Card Delivery
    Pick one of three bank card designs and we’ll deliver yours to you in two business days, anywhere in Nigeria, at no cost.

    Pay In Dollars
    Create a free virtual dollar card for paying online, convert naira to dollars any time.

    3. Bamboo

    Bamboo is one of the savings and investment platforms in Nigeria that helps you buy and sell hundreds of Nigerian and U.S. stocks with as little as $20.

    Actually, Bamboo saw how tedious and expensive it was to buy and sell stocks listed on the Nigerian & U.S. stock markets, so they made it simple to sign up, fund, trade, and track investments.

    Another fascinating thing is that Bamboo is a member of the Stock Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC), and of the United States. Shares Investor Protection Company (SIPC), and the shares can be covered with the SIPC for up to $ 500,000.

    You have to know that this platform doesn’t guarantee your profits because they don’t collect funds for investment. One will have to make investment decisions themselves. Investors will trade in stocks by themselves in other to earn.

    4. Carbon

    Carbon is another platform that helps in savings and Investing in Nigeria. No doubt this platform has other essential features like “getting a loan”. “paying for bills” and so on. But because of our topic, we will be focusing on the Investment aspect of the platform.

    With the help of “payvest”, you can save in the form of Investment and earn up to 16% per annum. In addition, you can invest with any amount you can afford, even as little as 100 NGN.

    More so you have to know that the Investment and Interest rate can only be paid on maturity.

    5. Cowrywise

    Here are other online Savings and Investment Platforms in Nigeria. I cannot but talk about it. Cowrywise has been existing for some time now and they have been doing absolutely well. In Cowrywise, you also have the chance to save and Invest.

    CowryWise.com is a property of CowryWise Financial Technology Limited, a company duly registered with CAC. Both CowryWise.com and CowryWise Financial Technology Limited are legal entities in Nigeria. Their investment professionals invest savers funds in financial instruments and manage the investments to ensure the best return. To ensure the security of savers funds, assets are held by Meristem Trustees, a company registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of savers. These assets are marked to market periodically to ensure savers are protected.

    The different Savings feature they have included;

    Regular savings – with this, you can save money as it pleases you within a period of 3 months- 1 year and you could get 6-9% interest returns.

    Circle saving – save or donate together with other Cowrywise users for a particular project and you could earn higher interest than your commercial banks.

    Halal Savings – This isn’t for everyone though. It is only for those whose belief doesn’t take interest in their spare money.

    Life goals – This type of savings is used to tackle plans. The minimum you can participate here is 1 year. You could also get between 6-9% in profit.

    Talking about Cowrywise Investment opportunities, they are mainly based on Mutual funds. They have a series of companies one can invest in with different risk control and different interest to be paid. The companies I would gladly recommend are

    • Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund which can give up to 11% interest per annum with medium risk.
    • United Capital Bund Fund which can give up to 9.50% interest, with medium risk also.
    • United Capital Money Market Fund, they offer up to 7% interest per annum with very low risk.
    • Nigerian Eurobond Fund. They are offering up to 6.9% per annum with medium risk. And a host of others that can be known from the platform.


    Another platform we will be talking about on agricultural savings and investment platforms in Nigeria is Farmcrowdy.  I so love the concept of this platform that I can’t let go ever since I knew them. That is the fact that the platform targeted the agricultural sector.

    Furthermore, Farmcrowdy is the first Nigeria digital agricultural platform that makes agriculture one and its only aspect. This is one of the agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria to earn extra bulk.

    The different types of Investment opportunity on FarmCrowdy are;

    • Beef processing and Trading which attract a rate of 12% in 5 months.
    • Fresh Produce Trading which attracts 14% in 6 months.
    • A Tale of 3 spices which attract 44% in 2 years.
    • Poultry which attracts 10% in 6 months.

    The list goes on and on. Sincerely, I love to invest here because it has fund security and handsomely returns. The rewards are Mad…

    Farmcrowdy Interest rate is 10% – 44+%


    FBNEdge brought to you by FBNQuest Asset Management, simplifies investing by allowing users to open mutual fund accounts, manage investments, and track their progress on the go.

    It is a handy app that gives clients an investment advantage as it helps them take control and stay up to date to achieve their financial goals as soon as possible.

    In addition, a full-service investment management company dedicated to providing a wide range of investment solutions to clients, Crown corporations, corporations, institutional investors, wealthy individuals, and small investors. These products include mutual funds, liquidity management, and an independent portfolio.

    Its investment approach is designed to offer superior risk-adjusted returns to clients. Over time, an increasing number of clients rely on our extensive experience in the financial markets, as well as the in-depth knowledge and information we provide to help them achieve their financial goals.

    Available products on fbnquest

    As  I have said earlier that they practice strictly mutual fund products and which is always available on the App for now. These are the

    FBN Money Market Fund:
    This is the ideal choice for a regular saver whose financial goals are short to medium term. FBN Money Market Fund invests in short-term and high-quality money market securities portfolios such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bankers Acceptances and Deposit Certificates issued by Nigerian rated banks.
    In this program, the overall starting investment is N5,000.

    FBN Fixed Income Fund:
    If you have medium to long-term investment goals, this plan is for you. FBN Fixed Income Fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of long-tenured debt securities issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, state government, and institutional corporations. Also, for this investment, the minimum starting rate is N50,000

    FBN Heritage Fund:
    This is suitable for investors that want to earn greater rewards over a long term period.

    8. Ga’atevest

    The Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (NFGCS) is plug-n-play agricultural savings and investment platforms in Nigeria enabling you to invest securely with attractive returns in various opportunities within the agribusiness sector. NFGCS has set up a farm settlement village in the Ga’ate community of Kokona LGA, Nasarawa State where they carry out successful crop production activities, animal husbandry, and processing, under the brand name Ga’ate Gold.

    Investing with NFGCS is an opportunity to play a key role in Nigeria ‘s farming initiative to feed and grow together, by engaging citizens to develop the agro sector. Thus, Ga’atevest is a cooperative crowdfunding platform that offers Nigerians worldwide the opportunity to invest in agriculture while attractively earning returns.

    I. You can invest in any of the different agricultural investment opportunities on the app and earn timely attractive returns on these investments.

    II. You can invest a certain amount monthly towards a particular goal. There are various Monthly Minivest Plans which you can subscribe to. You can stop this Minivest Plan at a time that suits you.

    Ga’atevest interest rate is 12% – 50+% interest per annum.

    9. I-Invest

    This is another wonderful platform to discuss Top Savings and Investment platforms in Nigeria. I-Invest comes in the form of a mobile application that allows current and yet to be investors save and invest directly from the app without the help of a broker.

    Furthermore, the platform aids investors to save money and earn reasonable interest rates. Besides, it helps investors to fund infrastructure projects in Nigeria in other to make a profit.

    The application can be gotten free of charge from the play store. Download the app and start to save, buy, and sell treasury bills and euro bonds.

    On I-Invest savings; You have the opportunity to save on the platform and withdraw at your wish with some percentage of income

    And the Investment you can participate on are;
    Treasury Bills

    You can buy the CBN Treasury Bills from this platform and which is a short term investment that you can cash out even after 30 days. The interest rate for Treasury Bills falls within 3% – 4.5%.

    The Eurobonds investment is one that you can have access to on the maturity period only, and which can be twice a year. The interest rate falls between 6.38% – 7.63% per year.

    There are lots of companies on the platform that you can trade it equities and which gives a reasonable interest rate within the time frame.

    You can register and login to their app to know more.

    10. Investment One

    Here is another beautiful one on top savings and investment platforms in Nigeria. Investment One is one of the fastest-growing Financial Services firms in Nigeria. The company is a subsidiary of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB). Investment one is one of the leading companies in financial services such as savings, Investment Banking, and Private Banking. Also, the company is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    Furthermore, Investment One offers quality and distinctive business in financial services such as asset management, stockbroking, trust, and pension fund management services, and others, with interest rates from savings and investments. Investment One Interest rate. varies from savings to investment…

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  2. They haven't started yet. But you can make research and try to ask people in your school and also contact some of your lecturers. Stay close to your school website to get the latest update and news about your school. For now they haven't start anything like that if they have they would have made itRead more

    They haven’t started yet. But you can make research and try to ask people in your school and also contact some of your lecturers. Stay close to your school website to get the latest update and news about your school. For now they haven’t start anything like that if they have they would have made it known to everyone. Once they start we will be happy to notify you so you can know what to do next.

    But for the main time keep asking questions on https://www.tistip.com/ask-question

    Thank You.

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  3. If you are new to link building. If you want more traffic to your blog, you need SEO. And one of the most important thing to do on SEO is link building. Having so many site linking back to you is a sign to tell Google how authentic your site is. And how to you get a site to link to you? Here how allRead more

    If you are new to link building.
    If you want more traffic to your blog, you need SEO. And one of the most important thing to do on SEO is link building. Having so many site linking back to you is a sign to tell Google how authentic your site is.

    And how to you get a site to link to you?

    Here how all you need is link building strategy and they are many types of link building strategy.
    1. Profile link building
    2. Web 2.0
    3. Guest posting
    4. Comments link
    5. PBN (black hat)
    6. Redirecting old domain ( at your own risk )

    but my favorite is Guest posting. That’s what many SEO expert always use. Is natural and risk free. You can actually Google it to know more about Guest posting and how to make a perfect one but for now if you want a website where you can post for free tistip.com is a DA 22 website and is a general Q&A website. You can also make a post there. Do you know if an authority website link to a website and the website links to you is still counts as link joice?

    Tistip have been link to by many big boys.
    1. Naijaloaded
    2. 20 .edu website (include 5 Nigeria universities)
    3. 5 .gov website
    4. Microsoft
    5. eBay
    6. Samsung
    7. Apple
    8. Wikipedia
    9. Google
    10. CNN
    AND MANY MORE: you’re free to Question me about those link being True. I’ll send you screenshots, but you can also use ahref to see for yourself.

    Some things to note before making post
    1. Your post must be plagiarism Free (Very important if not you post won’t be approved)
    2. Your post must have a be meaningful/helpful
    3. Spam Free
    4. There is no actual word count a post must be, but you should make it long for higher chance or approver.
    5. You’re only allow to put one link in every 500 words
    6. Your link must be a reference, sentence, further Reading, cornerstone content or other but must look natural and related.

    After you’ve pass all this test. Visit https://www.tistip.com/add-post
    To submit your post.

    Happy Link Building

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  4. You have to be ready for any ups and downs. You have to make sure you're not behind your competitors. Always seek for help from pro. Running a successful blog in Nigeria Running a successful blog is not easy mostly here in Nigeria. From electricity problem to data subscription and with the number ofRead more

    You have to be ready for any ups and downs. You have to make sure you’re not behind your competitors.
    Always seek for help from pro.

    Running a successful blog in Nigeria

    Running a successful blog is not easy mostly here in Nigeria. From electricity problem to data subscription and with the number of blogs that are being created everyday ranking and getting traffic is becoming harder by the day.
    To keep your blog relevant is a big work if you’re not well prepared. with all of that said i came up with some tips to run a successful blog.

    • Preparation

    Before you startup a blog how prepare are you. Starting a blog Isn’t free and you’ll be have to pay a little or more to get your blog live. At least you will pay for hosting and domain. Unless you want to start with a free blogger platform or WordPress.com platform. But if you actually want to have a blog that is running well you’ll need to pay for hosting and domain.

    So financial preparation should be your number one plan. And also don’t ignore intellectual preparation because Blog is a place to write content that will help others. So If you don’t have anything to offer. Blogging will be hard for you mostly when you don’t have money to hire a writer to do that for you.

    • Determination

    Do you actually want to be successfully, then you must be determined and ready to take what is coming, as I always say there’s no Quick way to success. All you need is determination to keep moving, you will have some low points and if you’re not determined enough you might end up giving up on it. Because you’re not determined.

    • Uniqueness

    One of the things you need to do to be successful is determination and uniqueness. I see alot of Nigerian Bloggers using Naija this Naija that on their website. Even loaded this loaded that.

    That does mean they can’t be successful with that name. But there’s no uniqueness there. You want to be like naijaloaded doesn’t mean you should be have naija in your domain name. You can be unique and successful.

    • Articles

    Writing of articles is hard for some people but they want to have a blog. Sometimes I ask myself “how is that even possible when you don’t have money” I mean how can you have a blog yet you can’t write a Readable content?
    As a Blogger you must be good in writing content. If you’re not good in writing then you should be rich enough to hire a content writer for your blog. Blogging is more about writing.

    • Blog For Passion First

    An everage Nigerian Starting up a blog. Is already calculating how much he/she will make out of that blog, And after applying for Adsense several times and didn’t get approval that lead many to give up. Because when you start something to make Quick money after few months of doing it. You didn’t make the money. You will have to give up to other quick money avenue.

    • Follow the leaders

    Always try to know how the big blogs started and how they succeeded, though not all will work for you. But those that will work should be put to work. Don’t copy content from them copy and follow their ideas and you will enjoy doing that and a good result should follow also.

    • Time

    You might be thinking why is time included. But everything we do in this life requires time for proper result. How much time do you spend on your blog writing or Fixing issues? Always do proper timing and spend much time on your blog, you will get a quality result. You might be a part time blogger or full time or you have another business doing, all of these doesn’t stop you from being a successful blogger if you do proper timing.

    Getting Traffic To Your Blog

    Getting traffic to your blog is one of the most important thing to do as a blog owner (blogger) but how can we do that?

    If I tell you is easy that means you have money to do social media and Google ads. But if not I’ll tell you is hard or it takes quite alot of time for some people. As a Blogger we read alot of traffic strategys written by pro’s but some or none works for us.
    But why?
    Because we’re not in same page or we’re doing it the wrong way. Also never neglect those articles because they give us clues on what to do and we need those clues to be able to get the traffic we want.

    They Are 2 Major Traffic Source I Use.

    Social media

    Facebook and Twitter already have alot of users and those users includes you and I. And we join different groups on Facebook

    This is how to get traffic from Facebook groups

    After creating your blog’s Facebook page, share your latest blog post there and look for a group that is in same category with your blog.

    For example you write about technology, join a tech group on Facebook and when you write new post. About tech you can share it to that groups and the people in that group will welcome it. Because they are there to get information about tech.

    Not when your post is about cakes and you share It to a tech group. You can never get any click, you might be mark as spam or Rather removed from the group for spamming them we useless links.

    Search Engine

    Search engines had come a long way and still very relevant and important for traffic source. We work daily on tistip just to make sure we get more traffic from search.
    And the work is called SEO.
    In full it means Search Engine Optimization.

    SEO Is a way to make search engine to love your website and use it to serve answers to searchers. Search Engine traffic are very important because they are more of target traffic. So how do you make search engine like your website.

    1. First you have to let them know your site and Access it anytime you post post new content by submit your sitemap to them
    2. 2. Start writing articles and optimizating your articles for search engine to like it.
    3. 3. Once you have done that secondly is start building links to that articles and your home page to rank.

    (One of the way to build backlinks is guess posting. We accept guess posting here)

    Footer note:
    They are many factors to make Search Engine like your blog. You can read more on the web.

    I will have to end it here. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. See you next time!.

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  5. On the 8th of November in 2017, American secret service agents and their Chinese counterparts were involved in a brief altercation over the American 'nuclear football'. While entering China's Great Hall of the People, a Chinese agent blocked President Trump's aide tasked with carrying the football,Read more

    On the 8th of November in 2017, American secret service agents and their Chinese counterparts were involved in a brief altercation over the American ‘nuclear football’.

    While entering China’s Great Hall of the People, a Chinese agent blocked President Trump’s aide tasked with carrying the football, only for Chief of Staff and retired US Marine Corps General John Kelly to announce, “We’re moving in”, and brush past the Chinese guards.

    A guard grabbed Kelly, who quickly shoved the guard off, and immediately a US secret service agent tackled and subdued the Chinese guard.

    Though the scuffle was over in a flash, it
    highlighted the importance of this little black briefcase that must always accompany the president no matter where he goes.

    But just what is inside that top secret briefcase?

    The head of the Chinese security detail would go on to apologize for the misunderstanding,
    as apparently the guards had not realized that the aide carrying the nuclear football must always be within easy reach of the US President.

    While some might think the American response was an overreaction, it only takes a moment to see it from the Secret Service’s point of view to see why they felt the need to respond immediately and with overwhelming force.

    The US President had just been removed from
    the nuclear football while within a foreign nation, and a nation to boot who is a potential
    nuclear adversary.

    Were something to happen to the US President
    while he was away from the football, and China
    launched a preemptive first strike against the US, there would be no way for America to respond in time with its own weapons.

    A far-fetched scenario to some, but US Secret
    Service agents must constantly entertain the
    most extreme possibilities as potential realities
    every single day, for that is the only way to avert a potential, and surprise, catastrophe.
    Thus it is standard operating procedure that the nuclear football never be removed from the immediate physical vicinity of the US President.

    So just what does the nuclear football do
    exactly, and what’s inside it?

    This nuclear command and control tool is officially known as the President’s emergency satchel, and is an aluminum briefcase encased in black leather.
    Details are difficult to ascertain given the extreme secrecy of the device, but it is widely
    believed to be bulletproof and resistant to
    explosive damage.

    It weighs approximately 45 pounds (20 kg) and is equipped with powerful satellite communication gear to ensure the president is always in contact with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    As nuclear arsenals grew in the Soviet Union and the US, it became clear that the nation to launch first would have an immediate and
    possibly war-winning advantage.

    Such a first strike might even render the
    defending nation unable to launch its own
    nuclear counter-attack, making the possibility
    of a nuclear first strike extremely attractive to the aggressor.

    With ICBMs moving at thousands of miles an
    hour, it became vital that the President of the United States be able to order an immediate
    nuclear counter-attack in the case of sudden

    Yet after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962,
    President John F. Kennedy posed several questions to his staff, doubting the effectiveness of the current nuclear command system.

    His most pointed question however was,
    “How would the person who received my instructions verify them?”

    This one question led to a complete rethinking of how the US President was to order a nuclear
    attack or retaliation, and highlighted a major
    flaw in the systems set in place for the President to do so while out of the White House.
    Thus the modern iteration of the nuclear football was born.

    A mobile device, the nuclear football contains
    satellite communications gear that lets the
    President be in contact with the Joint Chiefs
    of Staff no matter where in the world he is.

    It also contains four individual items:

    The Black Book as it is known,
    contains all retaliatory options available to the President.

    This can include a full-scale nuclear response
    against one, or all of America’s enemies, or a limited response which might be just a single cruise missile strike with a low yield warhead.

    It is rumored that attack plans also include an option to launch a no-harm nuclear strike high above a nation in the atmosphere, delivering an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out most of a nation’s electrical infrastructure.

    If you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, it might also include a plan to nuke the Reptilian aliens hiding out on the dark side of the Moon.

    A second book contains a listing of classified
    presidential shelter locations, or places that the President could be taken to in case of a major nuclear emergency.

    These are typically hardened locations deep
    underground that can survive direct nuclear
    A manila folder with eight or ten pages that give a description of the procedures to initiate
    and use the Emergency Alert System, both for
    early warning and for post-strike communications with the nation.

    Lastly, a three-by-five-inch card with printed authentication codes.

    These codes ensure to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the person ordering a nuclear attack is indeed the US President, and while they typically stay within the football, some US
    Presidents such as President Reagan actually
    preferred to physically carry his in his pocket.
    During the assassination attempt against Reagan, when he was rushed to the hospital not only was he physically separated from the football, but as his clothes were cut off in surgery, the nuclear codes were haphazardly discarded by medical staff and later found stuck in his shoe.

    But just how does the football actually work, what process would the President have to undergo to launch a nuclear strike or retaliate against one?

    Firstly, only the current President of the United States is authorized to launch any form of nuclear attack- whether that’s as a retaliation, or an escalation during the middle of a full-blown war.
    Should the President be incapacitated or killed, that responsibility falls to the Vice-President, and so on down an established chain of command.

    Second, the President is patched in to a conference call with his top civilian and military advisors, whom all recommend a course to follow.
    If enemy launches are detected, this call can last as short as 30 seconds.
    Communications between the President, his
    advisors, and top military leadership are all relayed via the US’s Milstar satellite network- a highly jam-resistant constellation of satellites that keeps US forces linked together around the world.

    As a redundancy or in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, US military forces could still use the TACAMO airborne communications system to stay in contact- basically a fleet of airplanes packed with communications gear that is also extremely resilient to jamming, the TACAMO communications system was designed to keep a nation ravaged by nuclear war in contact with its military forces around the world Once an attack plan has been decided on by the President, the senior officer in the Pentagon war room must authenticate the President’s identity by issuing a challenge code using the military alphabet, such as Charlie November.

    The President then references his authentication codes card, known as “the biscuit”, and reads the appropriate response.

    An Emergency War Order is then broadcast to
    all US nuclear alert forces via several communications networks, to ensure receipt.
    The order is typically about 150 characters,
    or the length of a twitter message, and contains the specific war plan to execute, launch time, and authentication codes needed to unlock the missiles before firing.
    Seconds later, crews around the world based
    in missile silos, alert hangars, and submarines
    deep under water all open locked safes which
    contain sealed authentication-system, or SAS,
    codes which are prepped by the National Security agency.

    They compare their SAS codes with those contained within the launch order to verify the authenticity of the launch order.
    Any discrepancies whatsoever will result in a no-go, or no launch/release of nuclear weapons.

    When launched from a submarine the Captain,
    executive officer, and two other senior officers
    authenticate the order.
    About 15 minutes later, the missiles are ready
    for launch.
    Land-launched ICBMS are housed in underground silos with five launch crews each controlling up to 50 missiles.
    Each launch crew is made up of two officers
    and the individual teams are housed miles apart from each other in highly secure underground complexes to ensure their security.

    Each team receives their orders and compares their SAS codes with those sent by the war room.

    Once authenticated, the crews enter the war
    plan number into their launch computers which re-targets the missiles from their peacetime targets in the middle of the ocean to their war time targets on land.
    At the designated launch time, the crews all
    turn their launch keys simultaneously which
    sends five “votes” for launch to the missiles.
    Because the missiles need just two “votes”
    to launch, failure to authenticate or mutiny
    by three other crews will not stop the launch
    of all 50 missiles.

    Missiles launched from airborne platforms
    follow a similar method, with their individual
    SAS codes being verified against those sent
    by the war room.
    During the Cold War the US and Russia both
    kept nuclear alert forces in the air at all times, 24/7, 365 days a year- and these crews would then immediately proceed on a vector to their assigned targets.
    Once SAS codes are authorized, missiles are
    immediately fired.
    Anywhere from five minutes to 15 minutes after a Presidential order is given, intercontinental ballistic missiles will be blasting off into the sky to rain death down on their assigned targets, and once released there is no way to recall them, disarm them, or reprogram their trajectories.

    The responsibility of carrying the nuclear football is staggering, as is the responsibility
    of the man entrusted by the US to use it properly.
    While many have criticized the entire system,
    and one senior American general was even discharged for asking, “How do I know the President giving me the order to fire my weapons is sane?”,
    it remains the best system for ensuring continued nuclear deterrence.

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  6. Grab your weapons, find your friends and get to your base. It's zombie-hunting time! That thing you've been daydreaming about for years is finally happening. here's what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse. So, what exactly should you do if your neighbor suddenly turns into a zombie? FirstRead more

    Grab your weapons, find your friends
    and get to your base.
    It’s zombie-hunting time!
    That thing you’ve been daydreaming about for years is finally happening.

    here’s what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse.

    So, what exactly should you do if your neighbor suddenly turns into a zombie?

    First, pack the basics.
    A water bottle, essential medicine, and a first aid kit will all be all key to your survival.
    Oh, and a baseball bat wouldn’t hurt either,
    in case you run into any undead.
    Now if you’re in a city, get the heck out of there.

    A research team out of Cornell University figures that in the event of a zombie outbreak, New York City would be completely infected in less than 24 hours.
    Other large, densely populated cities around the world like Lagos would quickly follow suit.

    If the zombies don’t bite you, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll bite the dust from the mass hysteria happening all around you.

    Okay, since we can’t hide out in cities, where should we be hiding?

    The best way to avoid a zombie apocalypse
    would be to head for the water and find a boat.
    If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that zombies are terrible swimmers; and traveling on the water will be far less busy than anywhere else.
    While you’re making your way toward the water, only stop at places with higher elevations.

    Rooftops and lookout towers are your best bet as they’d be relatively easy to defend.
    And remember to be as quick as possible, because in just 100 days, 99% of the world’s population would succumb to the zombie apocalypse.

    That’s according to a prediction from the University of Leicester in England.
    Using the SIR model, which calculates the spread of contagious diseases, the study predicted that, after just 100 days, only 273 humans would be alive on planet Earth.

    They predict the zombie population would
    quickly outnumber the people who were alive, resulting in a snowball effect — quickly adding more zombies while taking away the surviving humans.
    But let’s say those 100 days haven’t passed yet.

    Once you get your boat, where should you be headed?

    Well, it’s probably not on your bucket list,
    but if you do want to survive the zombie apocalypse, North Korea might be the best place to do it.
    It all has to do with the military.
    North Korea has 47 armed military personnel per 1,000 citizens.

    In comparison, the United States has only 4 military personnel per 1,000 citizens.
    Sure the U.S. has way more guns, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use them.

    In a high-stress scenario, with zombies
    chasing you from every direction, there’s bound to be misfires and tons of friendly fire.

    So, that’s what to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, but we should consider if a scenario like this is even possible.

    Could we see zombie-like creatures walking around one day?

    Well, we already have them in nature.
    Insects can be infected with a parasitic fungus known as Cordyceps.
    The infection essentially hijack  the insect’s
    brain and even controls them after they die.
    Cordyceps have been known to destroy entire colonies of ants.

    If humans were to be somehow infected by a similar airborne disease, it wouldn’t be long until we see these things everywhere.
    Relax, something like this isn’t likely to happen.

    But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be talking about it.
    A lot of these zombie survival studies can be applied to the world we know today, just with other diseases.
    They show just how a city, country or entire world can be easily wiped out by a disease if not prepared.

    So maybe having your zombie survival strategy all planned out isn’t a bad thing.
    Plus, we need you to survive if a mess like this ever does happen.

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  7. If you’re reading this article around the time it comes out, and maybe for months after as well, then chances are, you’re currently stuck in your home. Quarantined. You’ve also probably heard this word more in the last few months than you have in your entire life put together. But what does “QuarantRead more

    If you’re reading this article around the time it comes out, and maybe for months after as well, then chances are, you’re currently stuck in your home.

    You’ve also probably heard this word more in the last few months than you have in your entire life put together.

    But what does “Quarantine” actually mean, and where does the word really come from?

    Let’s take a break from epidemiology to instead study the etymology of this extremely popular global buzzword, and get to the root cause of the word “Quarantine.”

    Dictionary meaning

    If we’re going by the Merriam-Webster dictionary definitions of the word, the two you’re probably more familiar with are “a restraint upon the activities or communication of persons or the transport of goods designed to prevent the spread of disease or pests” and “a state of enforced isolation.”

    But these are actually only the third and fourth definitions of the word.
    The first and second are “a period of 40 days” and “a term during which a ship arriving in port and suspected of carrying contagious disease is held in isolation from the shore.”

    Probably not what you expected, right?
    Let’s turn back time and explore these more esoteric definitions.

    Where the word Quarantine came from

    Like a lot of English words, quarantine was
    largely plagiarized from Western Europe – it’s derived from the Latin word quadraginta and the Italian word quaranta, both of which mean “forty.”

    The actual act that the word “Quarantine” refers to has been in use since long before the word ever came into prominence.

    Quarantine In Bible

    Even the Bible has references to the isolation
    of lepers in order to prevent the spread of leprosy.

    Prior to the 14th Century, when the term was
    coined, many cultures even had designating
    areas for sequestering the sick.
    In Venice, these were called lazarettos –named after Lazarus, the man Jesus was said to have brought back from the dead, and also the Catholic Patron Saint of Lepers – and they were built outside the city to keep the sick separate from the general population.

    Quarantine During The Black Death

    However, it was during history’s deadliest
    pandemic, the Black Death – which killed around 200 million victims – that quarantine
    as a term came into use.

    The Venetian-controlled port city of Ragusa
    – which is now Dubrovnik in modern Croatia
    – implemented a plague-time policy known
    as Trentino.

    Under Trentino, trade ships arriving from
    plague-infested areas were to be isolated
    for a period of thirty days to see if the crew presented plague symptoms before letting
    them mix with the general population.
    Criminals who broke the law also faced thirty
    days isolation under Trentino.

    This policy turned out to be quite successful, and over the next eighty years was also adopted by Pisa, Marseilles, and a number of other cities.

    During the next century of development.

    the period of isolation was moved from thirty to forty days, meaning the name changed from Trentino to Quarantino, which was then anglicised into “Quarantine.”

    There’s a lot of speculation as to why they
    changed the number of days from thirty to
    forty – some suggest it could be an extra
    safety precaution, others posit it might be
    because of the religious significance of the
    number forty, like Christ’s Biblical forty days fasting in the desert.

    But like many aspects of history, it’s equally
    likely the change was purely arbitrary.
    The enforcement of the Quarantino was often
    fickle and inconsistent, and often made exceptions for the rich and influential, who could simply buy themselves out of isolation while the poor bore the brunt of the law.
    That may have been several hundred years ago, but really, some things never change.


    Wanna read more to get you through your Quarantino?
    Why not check out “3 Things Coronavirus Does Not Like” and “When The Coronavirus Pandemic Will End?
    In the meantime, stay safe, stay quarantined,
    and wash your hands!

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    What is UVC Lights It's an incredibly powerful form of ultraviolet light that's beamed from the Sun. It's so powerful that it can give you a sunburn in seconds. And looking at a UVC light is ten times stronger than staring directly at the Sun. UVC light Use But while UVC is extremely dangerous, it cRead more

    What is UVC Lights

    It’s an incredibly powerful form of ultraviolet light that’s beamed from the Sun.
    It’s so powerful that it can give you a sunburn in seconds.
    And looking at a UVC light is ten times stronger than staring directly at the Sun.

    UVC light Use

    But while UVC is extremely dangerous, it can also be extremely helpful.
    Since scientists figured out how to harness its power, UVC has been used to disinfect surfaces on public transportation, hospitals, and even money.

    In developing countries, UVC is often used to help purify drinking water.
    Its reputation is established as a reliable killer of microbes, so people are now wondering if UVC can be brought to battle against the novel coronavirus.

    UV light has been used for sterilization and disinfection since the mid-20th century.

    Why is UVC Lights not used now?

    Is UVC our best shot at fighting current and future pandemics?

    Well, you may not have known it, but the Sun has already been fighting diseases on our behalf for quite some time.
    But that doesn’t mean harmful bacteria and viruses will simply evaporate while we’re getting our tan on.

    UVC light Effect On Skin

    The Earth’s ozone layer blocks UVC rays from reaching us, which is definitely a good thing.
    While they’d probably wipe out any microbial threats, our skin could also be severely damaged.

    If we were to use UVC light to kill viruses, we’d opt for a less damaging version called far UVC.
    This type of light efficiently kills bacteria without harming exposed skin.

    UVC Lights Cancer

    While far-UVC is easily absorbed by biological materials, like human tissue, the outer layer of our skin is actually dead, so the UVC rays would not be able to interact with the healthy cells inside our bodies and create cancer or other diseases.

    But because microbes are so small, and don’t have the same protective layer of dead skin that we do, they’re easily vaporized by far-UVC light.

    UVC Lamp light Cost

    Costing less than $1,000 per lamp, and probably less if they were mass-produced, we could light our streets, our parks, our public transit systems with germ-killing far-UVC lamps.

    We could even install them on handrails so that they could sterilize themselves during the day.
    The efficiency of ultraviolet light treatments depends on how the virus spreads.
    If we’re dealing with an airborne virus, UVC lamps might do the trick.

    But if it’s a disease that’s spread through direct contact, UVC lamps won’t help us very much.
    Viruses also come in different shapes and sizes, which means we’d have to adjust the power and exposure time of our UVC lamps for every new virus that comes around.

    UVC light Radiation

    And regardless of how well they’re built, UVC lamps would still likely expose the public to increased levels of radiation.
    And even low doses over an extended period of time can be just as lethal as short doses of high energy radiation.

    So while we might enjoy a nice, year-round tan, we’d also become more wrinkly and would be at higher risk of developing cataracts.
    That means sunscreen would be a must at all times, along with big sunglasses and crazy hats! But if that’s not your style, don’t worry about it too much.

    UV lamps don’t offer full protection against a pandemic, but they could certainly help to
    “flatten the curve.”
    It’s unlikely that towns and cities would convert every street light and lamppost to far-UVC, but you could see more of them used in microbial hotspots.

    You know which ones I’m talking about.
    But just because new technology could help us fight new viral and bacterial threats, it doesn’t mean we should forget the best ways to protect ourselves.

    Let’s fix that stat.
    Wash your hands!
    Especially after using the bathroom.
    Unless you don’t plan on leaving the bathroom at all.
    See What Will Happen If Earth Orbit UY Scuti

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  9. Imagine if the entire planet suddenly got sick. I can darn sure picture that. Now, let's give everyone a medical mask and make them wear it at all times. But seriously, in the case of a pandemic, The theory behind wearing face masks is that they prevent sprays of virus-laden fluids from entering youRead more

    Imagine if the entire planet suddenly got sick.
    I can darn sure picture that.
    Now, let’s give everyone a medical mask and make them wear it at all times.
    But seriously, in the case of a pandemic, The theory behind wearing face masks is that they prevent sprays of virus-laden fluids from entering your nose or mouth.
    Or, if you’re already sick, a mask works to keep those fluids from flying too far from your own nose and mouth so that you don’t infect other people. Some people wear masks so that they breathe in fewer toxins and air pollution.
    But let’s focus on medical masks.

    The guidelines about wearing a face mask during a pandemic are quite controversial, and they keep changing.

    So we’ll try to clear this up as best we can.
    For starters, we’d need to give out medical masks to everyone on Earth.
    There are about 7.8 billion people populating the planet right now.
    Given that it’s not recommended to wear a mask for longer than 24 hours, Of course, healthcare workers working on the frontlines
    would get the highest quality, most expensive face protection, the N95 respirator mask.

    There are about 59 million healthcare workers in the world.

    Doctor putting on medical face mask

    Supplying all of them with N95s would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of The general public doesn’t require as much protection.
    They’d get by wearing regular medical face masks at the cost of Right now, manufacturers
    don’t produce enough masks.
    That would open up an opportunity for more
    businesses associated with mask production.
    And there would be more jobs.
    If no government agreed to write it into their budget, people would have to get those masks on their own.
    Everyone would need to spend at least There would likely be some kind of punishment in place for not wearing a mask.
    Once everybody got used to this new reality,
    your mask would become a fashion item.
    We’d have to match our masks to the color of our socks, and no white masks after Labor Day.

    If everyone wore masks all the time, daily interactions would be different.

    Everyone putting on medical face mask at same time
    It would be harder to read facial expressions.
    This could change the way we interpret body language.
    There would likely be some reduction in spreading viruses.
    Maybe that would save the world from another pandemic.
    I’m saying “maybe” because it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of face masks.
    It depends on factors like face shape, and mask type, and even how often you breathe.
    The biggest problem with basic surgical masks
    is that air can get underneath the mask.



    And, what’s more important, breathing isn’t always how you get sick.
    We shake hands with infected people, and touch something that’s infected.
    Of course, the mask could help you touch your face less, but once you touch the mask itself, you’d have to get a new one.
    You’d still need to wash your hands, and keep your distance from those people who are sick.
    And you’d really need to learn how to wear that mask properly.
    First, you need to wash your hands with soap,
    or at least splash some hand sanitizer on them.
    Remove the mask from the box, and place the loops behind your ears, with the metal band at the top.
    Pull the bottom part of the mask towards your chin, and press the metal band against your face, so the mask fits better.
    Discard it when it gets wet or dirty, and wash your hands before getting another clean one.
    Now, this all means that at least They can’t be reused or recycled, so they would add a lot more waste to our landfills.


    If you really want to make a difference, stay home during a pandemic, and wear masks only when you’re outside, or when someone in your household is sick.
    Leave the heavy-duty N95 masks for healthcare professionals, since they come in contact with sick patients.
    And maybe get creative.
    Just check which materials will actually protect you first.
    Pandemics are hard on everyone.

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  10. The COVID-19 virus has been the one thing on everyone’s minds since the start of 2020, as what seemed like an isolated incident quickly spiralled into a global disaster, infecting – at the time of this writing, April 18th, 2020 – they are two million+ confirmed cases in the world. It’s physically imRead more

    The COVID-19 virus has been the one thing on everyone’s minds since the start of 2020, as what seemed like an isolated incident quickly spiralled into a global disaster, infecting
    – at the time of this writing, April 18th, 2020 – they are two million+ confirmed cases in the world.
    It’s physically impossible to go to any reputable news source and not be bombarded
    with anxiety-inducing headlines about the latest infection numbers and death tolls.

    The question has probably crossed your mind:

    Isn’t there more we can do?

    How and when is this nightmare likely to end?

    Well, based on the opinions of the world’s
    leading experts, we hope to provide you with
    some answers to those questions today.

    Science writer Ed Yong, who wrote an article
    over two years ago explaining why a global
    pandemic was basically unavoidable, has said
    that there are three potential ways the pandemic can come to an end: The unlikely way, the dangerous way, and the long way.
    Yong posits that the unlikely way would involve all the world’s nations suddenly cleaning up their act, and simultaneously getting their viral situations under control through a mix of strong quarantine measures and mass-testing rollouts, much like the 2003 SARS outbreak.
    Considering how far the situation has escalated already, and the poor job many major world powers have done in both preparing for and then controlling the spread, this particular scenario feels more like a pipe dream than a viable choice.
    Take the US, one of the most developed and
    prosperous nations in the world, which has become the global epicentre for the pandemic.
    All predictive models created prior to the actual pandemic took it as a given that the
    US would quickly create and widely distribute
    an effective viral test, which is the foundation of any successful pandemic response.
    The US hasn’t done that testing and as of today, doesn’t look to have a plan in place for making tests available to a large segment of the population.
    While Italy and Spain have been ravaged by COVID-19, for the US, the worst is yet to come.
    The US has a much higher population than Italy, but fewer hospital beds per capita.
    Many models predict that deaths and infections will peak in April, possibly overloading the healthcare system, but this model relies on the assumption that all Americans will be observing quarantine or social distancing measures.
    At the time of this writing, President Trump has not ordered a national quarantine, and many US citizens still aren’t taking the social distancing measures seriously.
    In other words, things seem bad now, but an even worse disaster is coming down the track.
    The second possibility for how the COVID-19 pandemic might end is also the fastest, but it will also come with some pretty horrific costs.

    Herd immunity.

    Herd immunity
    You may have heard the term “herd immunity”
    thrown around lately.
    This refers to allowing the infection to spread,
    either intentionally or not, with the assumption that those who recover will develop the proper antibodies to fight off the virus and become immune, protecting the overall population.
    This is essentially the epidemiological equivalent of allowing a fire to burn itself out.
    The problem with this kind of approach is that allowing a fire to burn itself out will often leave the world with little left to burn.
    If this approach was taken – as the UK government initially intended to do – millions would die in the US alone, with tens of millions worldwide.

    Social Distancing 
    Social Distancing

    The third scenario is the most realistic, and will cause the least collateral damage to human life, but it will also mean it’ll be far longer before society as we know it will return to normal.
    The general idea is that we will have to continue keeping up social distancing and quarantine measures, putting greater focus on areas where outbreaks flare up, until an effective vaccine can be developed.
    It’ll basically be like treating the outbreak as a whole the same way as one would treat a single case of COVID-19: Treating the condition symptomatically while the immune system fights off the disease.
    While this may seem straightforward on paper, it’s actually quite an intense process.
    Not only will infections continue to occur across the globe during this elongated period,
    many vulnerable people will die as a result.
    Sadly, the fact that more people will die as a result of COVID-19 is inevitable at this point.
    The key at this stage is minimizing how many
    of those deaths occur.


    The actual creation of the vaccine will also take quite some time – when factoring in testing, development, and distribution, to get full coverage it will likely take from a year to eighteen months.
    During that time, it’s likely that the world economy will take a considerable hit as a result of increased consumer caution under social distancing measures.
    Goldman Sachs recently forecasted that there
    would be a 6.2% decline in US GDP as a result
    of the outbreak, the biggest drop since the
    Great Depression.

    Experts state that this won’t mean two years
    of continuous lockdown – it’ll be more like several burst-like periods of social distancing.
    The legacy of COVID-19 is likely to linger over the world for years to come, with millions of people losing friends and family members as a result of the disease – though the legacy will be considerably less morbid under this method than under an attempt at herd immunity.

    When Will Coronavirus End?

    When Will Coronavirus Pandemic End?
    Just when and how exactly COVID-19 will end
    though, depends on two factors scientists don’t fully understand just yet: the virus’ seasonality and duration of immunity.
    Many Coronaviruses, such as the flu and common cold, are seasonal – meaning they have a tendency to abate during the summer months.
    Whether or not the same applies to COVID-19
    will make a huge difference.
    The same can be said for duration of immunity
    – meaning how long a person retains the
    antibodies for natural immunity after first
    being infected.
    Because the seasonal flu and common cold mutate so frequently, the duration of immunity is relatively low – typically less than a year.

    The SARS coronavirus of 2003,

    which was more severe and deadly, had a considerably longer duration of immunity.
    If we as a species are lucky, COVID-19 will
    have a duration of immunity more like SARS
    than the common cold, but for now, we can only wait for scientists to collect the appropriate data.
    In the end, the COVID-19 virus will only be
    defeated by outlasting it and attempting to
    minimize the damage it can do to people and
    society in the meantime.
    There’s no magic silver bullet to solve this situation – only conscientious and responsible personal choices, mixed with sensible government policy and vaccine development.
    When the COVID-19 problem finally subsides,
    most likely in either late 2021 or early 2022,
    we’ll probably have to deal with a barrage of secondary problems – from a shattered or transformed economy to an international pandemic of mental health disorders like PTSD.
    But for now, while solutions are still being developed by world governments, it’s probably
    smartest for you to focus on keeping yourself
    Remember: To keep you and others safe from COVID-19, your best bet is to socially isolate yourself and maintain good hygiene.
    The rest, we’re sad to admit, is out of your hands.
    Want to remain informed about all things pandemic?
    Go check out “Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) Website
    and “The 3 things Coronavirus Does Not Like
    Stay informed, stay safe, and stay isolated. you

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